The frilled dragon is an inhabitant of sclerophyll forests in Australia and rainforest regions of Papua New Guinea. Instantly recognised by the extendable umbrella-like flap of skin which it uses to intimidate rivals and scare off would be attackers. They are officially omnivorous, although like water dragons they usually won’t eat any greens or fruit. Frilled Dragons are arboreal in habits and are mottled in colour to help them blend in with bark on tree trunks and branches. They are a medium sized lizard which reaches around thirty inches in length. All the examples are from the Papiuan region.

Frilled Dragon Vivarium

A tall vivarium is better as these are arboreal and usually can be found on various branches and logs in a vivarium. A minimum four foot vivarium that is three foot tall would be ideal for a single occupant or pair. Various sturdy branches and logs/bark/fake plants should be included. Mist with water two or three times a day to keep humidity up to the 70% or 80% required. Temperature should be around twenty eight to thirty degrees Celsius with a basking bulb to avoid any potential accidents due to the occupants climbing on the bulb and regulated using a thermostat. A large water bowl should be included, a cat liter tray works well. This is to ensure the dragon can completely immerse itself in water if required, although it may not do so often. UV light should be provided in the form of a UVB 10 fluorescent tube. Substrate should be orchid bark, or similar to keep the humidity up between sprays.

Frilled Dragon Feeding

Feed these carnivorous reptiles a variety of live foods including appropriately sized crickets, locusts, cockroaches, mealworms and some defrosted pinkie or fuzzy mice for the older dragon. Feed these approximately every other day or every third day, they will take around six to eight food items per feed and shouldn’t be offered too often otherwise the lizard will become too overweight and will be useless for breeding purposes. They may or may not take some vegetable matter or fruit and flowers when older. But if they do not then  it is not a major problem.

Frilled Dragons are a naturally skittish species, but much like the water dragon they will settle down and become used to human contact, even allowing regular handling and other interaction such as hand feeding and stroking of the throat and forehead.