Bowls and Hides

Please take a look at our bowls and hides that are ideal for your exotic pets, all specifications can be found at the bottom of image, if you have any questions about any of our bowls or hides please give us a call on:

01942 824385

With many years experience in all aspects of exotic pets and exotic pet care, at Appleton exotics we will only sell the bowls and hides that we believe in and that we find are the best products and accessories for your exotic pet, whether that’s a Snake, Tortoise, Parrot, Lizard or any other of our exotic pets, we will only sell you the accessories that you need, with many different exotic pets having different needs, we know exactly what type of accessories your pets will need to be settled and happy in its vivarium, some exotic pets need deeper water bowls or lounging pools than others, this is where having experts on hand to talk you through what you and your pet need saves potential time and money. 

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