Common Name: Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Scientific NameEpicrates cenchria cenchria

Origin: Brazilian Rainbow Boas are native to the central region of South America.

Habitat: Brazilian Rainbow Boas are usually found in very humid tropical forests. They are ground dwelling, but can sometimes be found climbing on low branches.


Brazilian Rainbow boas are so called because of their distinctive iridescent sheen that you can see when their scales catch the light. This is very similar to the spectrum of colours you can see when petrol floats on water. Brazilian Rainbow boas are usually red with black markings, with the redness of the snake generally becoming more vibrant with age.

Brazilian Rainbow Boa Size:

Brazilian Rainbow boas are a medium sized boa that have been known to reach up to 7ft, but it is more common for them to average at about 4.5- 5 ft.

Life Span:

20 years is average for a Brazilian Rainbow Boa in captivity, but it is not uncommon for them to reach 25 years with appropriate care.


Brazilian Rainbow Boas are quite active, but do not need huge enclosures. A medium to large sized vivarium  will house your Rainbow Boa nicely. Glass vivariums are more suitable for Rainbow Boas due to the highly humidity required. The vivarium should allow a minimum of 1 square foot of floor space to each foot of snake and be approximately a third of the snake’s length in height. Hatchlings should start out in an appropriately sized small vivarium or RUB (Really Useful Box) as they can become stressed and stop feeding in an over-sized vivarium.

All Snakes are excellent escape artists, so care must be taken when planning their housing. Make sure your vivarium or tank has a tight fitting lid, which can be clamped down. Brazilian Rainbow Boas are very strong and can push a loose fitting lid from a vivarium.

Brazilian Rainbow Boas need to maintain a high humidity within their vivariums, so a glass tank or RUB (really useful box) may be more appropriate than a wooden vivarium. Wood tends to warp under the excess of moisture and mould and decay can be a problem.

Brazilian Rainbow Boas will require their housing to be completely cleaned out on a weekly basis, due to the mould and bacteria build up caused by the high humidity.

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