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At Appleton Exotics, we understand the bond between a reptile and their owner, that’s why we will only provide you with the very best products in the industry. We strive to give you all the tools and information needed to give your pet the best life possible.


Reptiles require appropriate enclosures or terrariums that mimic the environment in their natural habitat. These can be glass or plastic tanks with secure lids, providing a safe and controlled environment for the reptile. Always ensure the correct type, size and equipment is available for your specific pet.

Heating and Lighting Equipment

Reptiles are ectothermic, which means they rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. Heat lamps, ceramic heat emitters, heat pads, and heating cables are commonly used to create a warm basking area within the enclosure. Reptiles also require specific lighting, including UVB bulbs, to simulate natural sunlight and aid in vitamin D synthesis.


Reptile substrates or bedding materials, designed to line the floor of the enclosure, closely mimicing that which they would encounter in the wild. Common substrate options include coconut fiber, beech chips, reptile lignosil, and hemp, among others. The choice of substrate depends on the species and specific requirements of your reptile.

Hides and Decorations

Many reptiles need hiding spots to feel secure in their environment and reduce stress. Various hides, caves, and shelters made of natural materials like rocks, logs, and caves are available. Providing places for reptiles to retreat, sleep, and regulate their body temperature. Decorative elements such as branches, vines, and artificial plants can be added to create a more natural looking habitat and also provides enrichment for the reptile.

Feeding Accessories

Reptiles have specific dietary needs. There are various feeding accessories available to assist with reptiles feeding regime. Including feeding dishes or bowls, water dishes, feeding tongs, and automatic feeding systems for added convenience.

Handling and Care Tools

When it comes to handling your reptile, always take care and make sure that any action taken is in the animals best interest. There are many different tools to assist in the correct handling of your reptile. Tools like snake hooks, snake tongs, and gentle reptile handling gloves are useful items.

Supplements and Medications

Reptiles may require dietary supplements, such as calcium powders, vitamins and minerals to ensure complete and proper nutrition.

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