Locusts are a nutritious live food source for lizards in captivity, as they are high in protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients. In fact, desert locusts are considered one of the most nutritious insects available as a live food source for reptiles.

Desert locusts are also a good food source for lizards because they are relatively easy to maintain and breed in captivity. They are hardy insects that can tolerate a range of temperatures and humidity levels, making them a good option for reptile keepers in different climates. They are also fast-growing and reproduce quickly, meaning that a small number of locusts can produce a large number of offspring in a relatively short period of time.

In addition, desert locusts are a natural prey item for many lizards in the wild, so they are a good choice for keeping captive lizards on a diet that closely resembles their natural diet. They are also easy for lizards to digest, which can help prevent digestive issues and other health problems.

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