Appleton Exotics African Greys

  • Common Group: Parrot
  • Scientific Name: Psittacus Erithacus Erithacuc
  • Distribution: Africa

African Grey Natural Habitat

These birds are a flock bird which can be found in the African Congo Jungle.


Greys like to be part of the family and need lots of love and attention, they tame easily and as they have the intelligence of a 5yr old they mimic well, sometimes holding a vocabulary of 2000 words.

Captive Environment:

A large parrot cage is the best way to keep greys, no smaller than 2ft 6” x 2ft 6”.  Offer plenty of different toys for the bird to play with as they become easily bored.  A happy well cared for parrot can live up to 60 yrs.


Room temperature away from draughts and any scented candles or air fresheners, as these can kill the bird.

Nutritional Requirements For African Greys:

Parrot seed mix, dried fruit, fresh fruit, vegetables and plenty of fresh water, changed daily.  Never give your parrot CHOCOLATE, RHUBARB, AVOCADO, OR ALCOHOL.

Calcium supplement – nutrabol or calcivet.

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