• Common Group: Arachnids
  • Common Name: Chile Rose
  • Scientific Name: Grammostola rosea
  • Distribution: Bolivia, Northern Chile, and Argentina
  • Size: 6 inch legspan

Natural Habitat:

Bolivia, Northern Chile, and Argentina, found in many habitats, mostly deserts and scrubland.


Can be handled regularly and will become fairly docile.Temperature:


Being desert animals, one might assume that these tarantulas require excessively high temperatures. Not so. They’re extremely sturdy and resilient creatures and temperature is pretty much a non-issue with them. This species requires 75 – 80% humidity.

Water Requirements:

Water bowl is recommended

Nutritional Requirement

Everybody overfeeds their Chilean rose.BAD IDEA!

As you first bring it home, do not feed it at all for at least a week, maybe two weeks. It makes no sense whatsoever to stampede it with a bunch of rowdy crickets while it’s still quasi-hysterical from the shipping and handling it endured to get into your care. When you do begin to feed it, only give it one (1) large cricket or the equivalent a week. Or, if more convenient, give it only four or five (4 or 5) crickets a month.