Common Name: Irian Jaya Carpet Python

Scientific Name: Morelia SpilotaVariegata

Distribution: Merauke, Irian Jaya near Australia

Size: 4 to 5 ½ ft.

Natural Habitat:

This species likes to live in the open eucalyptus woodland.  It is a slender elongate python and the head is very different form the neck.


Babies have a tendency to bite, but this doesn’t hurt and is not harmful.  The older pythons are quite tame.  They may become irritable if handled for too long and must never be restrained.

Captive Environment:

Ideally the adult python should have a 5ft wide by 3ft high well ventilated tank. Branches, rocks and plants make good exploration for the snake, and a hide is advisable.  A variety of substrates can be used, for example, sand, potting soil, clean gravel, newspaper or chippings, as long as they are kept clean the python will be happy on any of them. A heat mat should be provided at one end of the tank to provide a gradient in temperature.


The warm end of the tank should be around 80 – 85F, whilst the cooler end should be around 75-78F.  The snake should not be subject to extreme temperatures just after being fed, i.e. No higher than 90F and no lower than 74F.

Nutritional Requirements:

A shallow bowl of fresh clean water should be provided daily, these snakes do not sit in their water bowl unless they feel unwell or stressed.  Hatchlings will readily take fuzzies, juveniles usually take mice and the large adult python will probably take rats. Feed the snake 1 adequately sized rodent once a week.  The adults don’t usually feed during the winter months.

Note: Please wash your hands before and after handling your animal!