About the Green Wing Macaw

The green Winged Macaw is easily confused with the scarlet Macaw, but the main difference is a small patch of green feathers on the wing. These are one of the largest species of Macaw, with a huge pale coloured beak and extremely long tail feathers. The main colouration of the feathers is a brilliant scarlet red, with a green band across the wings and back unlike the scarlet Macaw (which has a yellow band). There are some blue and yellow feathers on the wings and tail also.

This gentle giant is excellent company for a single person, but if well acclimatised they can also be an excellent family pet and will even get on well with other birds. These are social birds and are very intelligent but be aware they can be very loud too. This species is often quoted as living for seventy or more years but in reality they often only live to around fifty years and rarely more.

Green Winged Macaw Housing

Only the  largest cages are suitable for these large Macaws as they will need to spread their wings fully and be able to move from perch to perch unhindered.

A secondary perch or stand will be required outside of the cage and a water bowl and food bowl should be added to this. Custom built stands are available for this purpose and should be kept in a ‘high traffic’ area away from draughts or open windows (in the lounge/living room is ideal).

Many toys can be provided and these should be replaced as they are readily chewed, or played with as the Macaw would say.

Social interaction is the main part of care as they will rapidly become willful and destructive if ‘ignored’ for long periods of time, but they should be regularly played with, talked to and generally given attention they will become an extremely well behaved, loving member of the family.

Green Winged Macaw Feeding

Feeding is simple, there are many pre mixed parrot foods available commercially, the best mixes for Macaws are ones that contain ‘monkey nuts’ and dried pieces of fruit and chilies (which they love).

The food bowl should be kept full and checked regularly as they may be full of empty husks. Green Winged Macaw’s from Appleton Exotics are fed on a pelleted diet and it is recommended that this diet be continued.

The water bowl should be changed at least twice a day (as it becomes soiled easily) and some soft fruits like apple and pear can be given as treats from time to time but too much will give your bird the runs.

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