Maliensis Uromastyx


Common Group: LIZARDS Common Name: Mali Uromastyx, Spiny Tailed Lizard Scientific Name: Uromastyx Maliensis Distribution: Sahara Desert in Mali, Noth Africa through to India Size: 10 – 14” Natural Habitat: This species preferred habitat is arid steppe, plain or desert in the hottest parts of the northern hemisphere. Behaviour: Quite docile and shy, a messy [...]

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Leopard Gecko


Common Group: LIZARD Common Name: Leopard Gecko (high yellow) Scientific Name: Eublepharis Macularius Distribution: Pakistan, India & Afghanistan Size: 7 – 10” Natural Habitat: This species prefer rocky desert and semi - arid grassland.  They are nocturnal and spend most of the daytime hiding in rock crevices. Behaviour: An ideal pet which requires little space.  [...]

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Green Iguana


Common Group: LIZARD Common Name: Iguana Scientific Name: Iguana iguana Distribution: C. & South America Size: 4-6ft Natural Habitat: Mainly found in the rainforests of central &South America, this is an aboreal lizard, which means it likes to climb or live in trees branches forests etc. Behaviour Males can be territorial and should not be [...]

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Egyptian Uromastyx


Common Group: LIZARDS Common Name: Egyptian Uromastyx Scientific Name: Uromastyx Aegypticus Distribution: Egypt Size: 2 – 3 feet. Natural Habitat: This species is native to the dry areas of North Eastern Africa. Behaviour: Quite easy to care for, these lizards are not territorial and can be kept in groups, although males may fight if put [...]

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Chinese Water Dragon


Common Group: Lizard Common Name: Chinese Water Dragon Scientific Name: Physignathus cocincinus Distribution: South East Asia Size: Up to 90cm (3ft) inc long tail (2/3) Females somewhat smaller Natural Habitat: This species can be found in the branches of trees and bushes overhanging the river and in burrows along the river banks.  When these dragons are [...]

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Yemen Chamelion


Yemen Chamelion & Accessories For Sale To enquire about our Yemen Chamelions, Vivariums, accessories or anything else, please contact us on 01942 824 385 or via our contact form Common Group: LIZARD Common Name: Veiled or Yemen Chameleon Scientific Name: Chamaeleo Calyptratus Distribution: W. Coast Yemen & S.W Coast Saudi Arabia Size: Up to 24” [...]

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African Fat Tailed Gecko


Fat Tailed Gecko General Information: The African fat tail gecko (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus) is native to the West African region from Senegal to Northern Cameroon. Adults can obtain a length of 8 to 10 inches. Fat tails are a terrestrial animal which means they are ground dwellers. Being nocturnal they are most active at night. Gecko [...]

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Bearded Dragon


To enquire about our Bearded Dragons, Vivariums, accessories or anything else, please contact us on 01942 824 385 The inland Bearded Dragon, or 'beardie' is a medium sized (twenty inches) day active lizard from the desert scrubland and open woodland regions of Australia. They inhabit rocky areas where they can often be found basking in [...]

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