Galah cockatoo at Appleton exotics

Common Name:    Galah Cockatoo

Scientific Name:    Elopholus Roseicapillus

Distribution:    Australia

Size:    14” Approx

Natural Habitat:

The Galah cockatoo, in their natural environment like to nest in hollow trees.  They are not particularly popular with the Australian farmers as they eat their farm crops and therefore are quite often shot by the farmers.


In the wild the Galah cockatoo’s are quite timid, but a hand reared bird can be quite loving and will seek lots of attention, therefore it is best to keep the bird where it will be included in the family.

Captive Environment:

A large cage is best as these birds can be prone to gaining weight and should be offered as much exercise as possible, when in the cage.  Swings and toys are a good way to keep the birds active.


Room temperature is best, away from draughts and open windows.  It is not advised to keep the bird near any air fresheners.

Nutritional Requirements:

Whilst Galah’s are happy to eat normal parrot & fruit mix, it is not good to only give this to your bird.  As Galah’s are prone to gaining weight and fatty tumours it is necessary to vary the diet with millet, sprouted seeds, vegetables, cooked brown rice and cockatiel seed.

RHUBARB, CHOCOLATE, AVACADO AND ALCOHOL MUST NOT BE GIVEN TO YOUR BIRD.  A calcium supplement should be given about once a week.

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