Red Footed Tortoise


Common Group: TORTOISES Common Name: Red Foot Tortoise Scientific Name: Geochelone Carbonaria Distribution: Tropical S. America Size: 12” - 16” Natural Habitat: This terrestrial species inhabits the tropical rain forests of tropical South America.  A large outdoor enclosure is best for captivity in the size range of 8’ x 4’ x 2’. Behaviour: Docile and friendly, [...]

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Mediterranean Spur Thigh


Common Group: Tortoises Common Name: Spur Thighed tortoise Scientific Name: Testudo Oraeca Distribution: Europe East to Turkey Size: 8"-10" Natural Habitat This rarely available tortoise occupies the Evergreen Mediterranean Oak Forests of Southern Europe east to Turkey.  It does well outdoors in mild climates. Behavior Docile and friendly, easy to handle.   Provide dark hiding places. [...]

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Leopard Tortoise


Common Group: TORTOISES Common Name: Leopard Tortoise Scientific Name: Geochelone Pardalis Distribution: Central & South Africa Size: 16-18” average. Max size 24” Natural Habitat: This species is native to tropical woodlands and arid savannah habitats.  Adults are best kept in an outdoor enclosure (15’ x 15’ x 2’ ) when in captivity, but it must be warm, [...]

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Indian Star


Common Group: TORTOISE Common Name: Indian Star Tortoise Scientific Name: Geochelone Elegans Distribution: Southern and Central India Size: up to 11” Natural Habitat: The Indian Star Tortoise inhabits semi - arid lowland forests and grasslands in Southern and Central India.  They can also be found in areas that have monsoon seasons.  The Indian Star has [...]

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African Spur Thigh, Sulcata


Name: Sulcata Tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) Genus: Sahara Category: Chelonia - Tortoises Origin: Sahara, Africa Lifespan Owning a sulcata tortoise is a big commitment. Not only do they get very big, but they also live a very long time. In most cases, they will outlive their owners. Average Size Sulctas are the third largest tortoise species in [...]

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Hermans Tortoise


The Hermans Tortoise is arguably the most popular tortoise species in the hobby. They are found in Southern Europe, although they are captive bred in massive numbers in Europe and America. They are strictly governed and require paperwork from cites for each individual. Colouration varies from  light brown through tan and even as pale as [...]

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Horsefields Tortoise


The horsefields tortoise is another of the most popular tortoise species available. They are also known as Russian tortoises and are exported from their homeland as captive bred in large numbers every year. Colouration is an olive brown with darker indistinct areas and a paler head, often being light brown to tan. Like the hermans tortoise this species can [...]

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