• Common Group: Tortoises
  • Common Name: Spur Thighed tortoise
  • Scientific Name: Testudo Oraeca
  • Distribution: Europe East to Turkey
  • Size: 8″-10″

Natural Habitat

This rarely available tortoise occupies the Evergreen Mediterranean Oak Forests of Southern Europe east to Turkey.  It does well outdoors in mild climates.


Docile and friendly, easy to handle.   Provide dark hiding places.

Captive Environment

Use full spectrum lighting 12 – 14 hours per day. (bulb lifespan 9- 12 months)  Provide basking area with access to a cooler zone and an uncluttered 3-4 ft enclosure with a maximum floor space.


Day temperature should be gradient from 80 – 90 degrees F.  Maintain night temperature range between 70 – 75 degrees F.  Use reptile heating pads under tank for 24 – hour heat.


This species requires low to moderate levels of humidity.

Water Requirements

Provide a large shallow bowl for drinking and soaking.  A Bath two to three times a week in an inch of quite warm water for about 10 minutes will help to hydrate the tortoise.

Nutritional Requirements

This species is an herbivore (plant eater).  Likes dark greens (collard, mustard, turnip, dandelions).  Feed beets, spinach, cabbage, and/ or kale in small amounts.  Supplement leafy diet with ( squash, sprouts and zucchini).  10 – 15% of diet may include fruits (papayas, mangos, figs).