• Common Group: LIZARD
  • Common Name: Leopard Gecko (high yellow)
  • Scientific Name: Eublepharis Macularius
  • Distribution: Pakistan, India & Afghanistan
  • Size: 7 – 10”

Natural Habitat:

This species prefer rocky desert and semi – arid grassland.  They are nocturnal and spend most of the daytime hiding in rock crevices.


An ideal pet which requires little space.  These lizards are very excitable as babies and as adults become very tame and harmless.  These lizards have excellent eyesight – equivalent to a cat’s!  Never handle these creatures with their tails as they can easily snap off, although they do grow back.

Captive Environment:

A glass or plastic vivarium around 10” x 10” and 12” high.  Play sand or reptile sand of around 2” deep should be used for a substrate.  A 6” wide plastic container should be provided as a hide with a hole cut into the side as an entrance.  The hide should be filled with potting soil which should be kept moist.

Adult males should not be put in the same viv as they won’t tolerate each other.


Lighting for 12 hours a day, not necessarily UV.  Basking area should be 82-86F.  Cooler at the other end of the vivarium. Night time 64 – 70F



Water Requirements:

A large bowl of fresh water for soaking and shedding should be provided

Nutritional Requirements:

Mealworms or crickets should be given daily and a pickle jar lid with vitamin mineral powder in it should be placed in the vivarium