• Common Group: LIZARDS
  • Common Name: Mali Uromastyx, Spiny Tailed Lizard
  • Scientific Name: Uromastyx Maliensis
  • Distribution: Sahara Desert in Mali, Noth Africa through to India
  • Size: 10 – 14”

Natural Habitat:

This species preferred habitat is arid steppe, plain or desert in the hottest parts of the northern hemisphere.


Quite docile and shy, a messy species, likes to throw food around.

Captive Environment:

3ft. vivarium and full spectrum lighting 12 hrs a day is needed (max lifespan of bulb is 12 months), as this lizard is diurnal (active in daytime).  Clean play sand is needed as a substrate and two hides should be provided, one in the basking area and the other in the cooler area.  Avoid heat rocks as they can become too hot and burn.


Basking temperature should be 110 – 120 F.  A basking bulb of 150 watt should be used in the warm area of the enclosure.

Cooler temp should be between 87-90 F.  Nightime temperature should be 70 F.


This species requires low humidity.

Nutritional Requirements

Maliensis are herbivores with the odd exception enjoying a cricket once a week.

Diet consists of: dandelion, collard greens, shredded carrot, and parsnip.

Treats: edible flowers, mango.