• Common Group: LIZARD
  • Common Name: Iguana
  • Scientific Name: Iguana iguana
  • Distribution: C. & South America
  • Size: 4-6ft

Natural Habitat:

Mainly found in the rainforests of central &South America, this is an aboreal lizard, which means it likes to climb or live in trees branches forests etc.


Males can be territorial and should not be put with other males.  Iguanas can be a little aggressive if not handled on a regular basis, to keep them tame, and great care should be taken during breeding season, when their behaviour can be erratic

Captive Environment

The biggest vivarium you have space for is best for the iguana, around 6’ x 5’ x 4’ if possible.  12 hours UV should be provided along with a basking area and heat mat to keep the temperature up.  Branches and plants for climbing are essential as these lizards are tree dwelling


Daytime temperature should be between 75-85F, with a basking area of 85-95F.  Nightime temperature should be around 70F.


As these lizards are from the rainforests they need to be kept in a humid atmosphere, therefore spraying twice a day is necessary.

Nutritional Requirements

Leafy Greens, ie. Collard Greens, kale, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet peppers, celery and leaks.  10% of the diet can also consist of fruit.