• Common Name: Common Boa
  • Scientific Name: Boa Constrictor Imperitor
  • Distribution: Columbia, South America
  • Size: 8 –12ft

Natural Habitat:

They are a rainforest species and have arboreal (tree dwelling) tendencies, but are equally at home in the water, although they prefer dry land. They can be identified by the pale brownish grey background colour with dark ‘saddle’ markings on the dorsal surface (around 13 in total), which become a reddish colour on the tail.


Most will become tame with regular handling. Usually docile and friendly and easy to handle. When handling large snakes always have at least one other person in attendance.

Captive Environment:

A vivarium half the size of the snake is needed.  A hide and climbing materials should be provided, with a large water bowl as the snake likes to soak in the water.


Basking area should be 90F and the cool area should be 78F. Heat should be supplied by a heat bulb controlled by  a thermostat, bulb should be covered with a good quality lamp guard.

Nutritional Requirements:

These reptiles are carnivores and should be fed on defrosted rodents.