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African Greys & Parrots For Sale With Appleton Exotics

Appleton Exotics are experienced breeders/importers of African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos, Conures and Senegals. Hand reared baby parrots and breeding pairs are our speciality.

We are located in North West UK approximately 30 minutes from Manchester International Airport and very close to the motorway network.

We sell our adult and baby birds to pet homes, caring breeders and pet shops. Resellers welcome.

Members of the Parrot Society UK

Check out the exotic birds we have available underneath and get in touch with out friendly team for help, advice and sales enquiries.

African Grey


Appleton Exotics African Greys Common Group: Parrot Scientific Name: Psittacus Erithacus Erithacuc Distribution: Africa African Grey Natural Habitat These birds are a flock bird which can be found in the African Congo Jungle. Behaviour: Greys like to be part of the family and need lots of love and attention, they tame easily and as [...]

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Blue Crowned Conure


Blue Crowned Conure At Appleton Exotics Blue crowned conure is used to describe the subspecies Aratinga acuticaudata haemorrhous that has less blue, restricted more to the forehead and the front part of the crown. Distribution: Blue crowned conure's are native to the central areas of South America from eastern Colombia and northern Venezuela south to Paraguay, Uruguay, and northern [...]

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Mealy Amazon


Mealy amazon at Appleton exotics The Mealy amazon Parrot (Amazona farinosa) is one of the largest Amazon parrot species. The species is called the Mealy Amazon in the United States and the Blue-crowned Mealy Parrot in the United Kingdom. Distribution / Range The Mealy amazon Parrot is endemic to tropical Central and South America. Its range stretches from southern Mexico south into south-eastern Colombia, [...]

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Galah cockatoo at Appleton exotics Common Name:    Galah Cockatoo Scientific Name:    Elopholus Roseicapillus Distribution:    Australia Size:    14” Approx Natural Habitat: The Galah cockatoo, in their natural environment like to nest in hollow trees.  They are not particularly popular with the Australian farmers as they eat their farm crops and therefore are [...]


Blue Fronted Amazon


Blue Fronted Amazon at Appleton exotics Average Size: 13 to 15 inches long Life span: 60+ years with proper care. Diet: obesity is a common problem in the Blue fronted amazon, so their diets must be carefully regulated Specialized pelleted diets are highly recommended and should consist of 60–70% of the diet, use fortified seeds in moderation as they [...]

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