Common Name: Whites Tree Frog
Scientific Name: Litoroa Caerulea
Distribution: Indonesia,Australia
Size: 4-5 ½ inches


Natural Habitat:

Whites are arboreal and like to live in trees. Their feet are equipped with suction cups and can climb on smooth surfaces with ease.  These frogs can live up to 15 years old.


Whites are gentle creatures and are not afraid of humans. They are nocturnal and will hide all day and feed when the sun’s gone down.

Captive Environment:

A minimum of ten gallon tank is needed, place a rock in the bottom then fill the bottom of the tank with a ¼ inch of de-chlorinated water, or if preferred a pine bark substrate and a large dish of water for soaking is sufficient.  Full spectrum lighting for 12hrs should be placed in the tank, (max lifespan of bulb is 12 months)


These frogs need moderate humidity, therefore spray every couple of days.


Daytime:  86 F.  Nightime:  68 F

Nutritional Requirements:

Crickets, cockroaches, locusts, moths and beetles are a favourite of this species. These frogs are greedy, so be careful not to overfeed.  If the frogs “eyebrows” are starting to cover the eyes and he’s looking chubby, cut his food down.  As they are nocturnal it’s best to feed in the evening.

Water Requirements:

De-chlorified, Bottled or water that has been left standing, should be given to the frogs, and used for misting.  Provide water for soaking