Crested Gecko’s for Sale in the North West

The Crested Geko, or ‘crestie’ as it is affectionately known is a temperature rainforest species from New Zeland. Mainly nocturnal in habits, they are known to come out during the day in the shade to hunt for insects and forage for fallen fruit and nectar from flowers.

Crested Gecko Climate

Cresties live in a climate comparable to that of ours in the UK, but they don’t have a winter as severe as ours. They are arboreal and have slight fleshy extensions of the limbs which may be used to slow down the Gecko’s descent when jumping.

These lizards are calm and slow moving unless disturbed and cryptic in design and colouration which allows them to almost disappear on the bark of the trees they inhabit.

Crested Gecko Vivarium

The vivarium for a crestie needs to be heavily planted on at least one end and doesn’t need a spot bulb for heat. A three foot vivarium will happily contain a pair or trio of adults and should be misted with water twice daily. A water bowl is pointless as it will not be used. Silk or plastic plants, branches/vines and cork bark can be used to decorate, along with various lichens and mosses on the floor of the vivarium. UV is not required but does have some benefits to breeding them.

Crested Gecko Feeding

Feed crested gecko’s on a specialist crested gecko diet by T-rex, invertebrates, soft fruits and fruit puree or fruit baby food. If live foods are to be fed it should be such items as small to medium sized locusts, crickets or mealworms. Temperature should be between 18 degrees and 25 degrees during the day dropping to between 10 to 18 degrees during the night (depending on time of year). Usually ambient room temperature is usually sufficient to keep them happy and healthy. Humidity should be kept at around 75% by regular spraying, as mentioned before spraying with water is essential as that is the only way the crested gecko will get any drinking water.

Crested Gecko Size

Cresties reach around 6 inches or so in length and are quite stocky in build. They come in a variety of colour morphs due to selective breeding, resulting in such varieties as flame, dalmation and harlequin. A fantastic beginners Gecko due to the lack of heating or UV required for them, and the fact that they will exist entirely on fruit puree and specialist foods means that they can be kept by people who don’t like insects. Interestingly they are extremely quick to drop their tail, but unlike other geckos they will never grow it back.