The Hahn’s macaw is a small parrot reaching a maximum size of around 12 inches in length, about half of which is tail. They are a predominantly green species with red ‘shoulder’ markings in adult birds and a teal ‘cap’ above the beak and on the forehead.

They hail from semi open forest areas of Venezuela  Guyana and Northern Brazil. The face has white skin around the eye with small black feathers tracing the facial features.

Sociable Parrot

They are sociable birds but do not require as much interaction as other larger macaws, that said they are a flocking species and should be kept in a ‘high traffic’ area of the house so that they don’t  become too distressed, which will also reduce the amount of shrill shrieking calls they make (usually when upset or locating the rest of the flock) and allow for easier interaction with other members of the family.

It is essential to make sure that you do not show any fear towards the parrot whilst training as it will assume dominance over you and then it may become troublesome, always approach it so that you can be seen and if it does attempt to bite then say in a stern voice ‘no’ or ‘naughty’ but never shout as this will encourage the bird to do the same.

Hahn’s Macaw Vivarium

Hahn’s Macaws are usually calm friendly birds when well tamed and kept amused but do have a sharp beak so caution should be used with children. As with all parrots, and birds in general the size of the cage should be suitable for the occupant (i.e large enough for the bird to stretch its wings) and a perch outside the cage should be provided.

I would recommend handling for around half an hour each day until your bird becomes used to your company, all Hahn’s Macaw’s are hand reared by Appleton Exotics. Make sure to provide plenty of toys to keep your bird amused when you are not around, I find that rope toys and coloured wood toys are well used and you will often find the Hahn’s Macaw hanging from one toe upside down on the toys. Clean the cage daily to avoid bad smells and possible health problems.

Hahn’s Macaw Feeding

Feeding is simple, any Macaw mix of seeds, dried fruit, chilies and peanuts. The occasional piece of fruit can be offered as a treat from time to time. The seed should be offered in a metal feeding dish and checked several times daily to make sure it always has food. Appleton Exotics rears all our Hahn’s Macaw’s on a pelleted diet. Water should be given in the same way and should be replaced daily so that the water is always fresh and clean.

For any further information, or if you would like to purchase a Hahn’s Macaw then please contact us